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IMPORTANT! Please note that due to consecutive bookings, we may only be in workshop at the exact time of your appointment. E.g. if your booking is at 12.00 we may arrive promptly at 12.00 due to another engagement! Thanks in advance.

Transparent and customer-oriented service

A bicycle service and repair company focused on low-cost and customer-oriented service. Our mechanic has many years of experience from maintenancing different types of bikes. Each service is performed professionally and any defects we found are reported to the customer. After maintenance, you always know what has been done to your bike. This is what bike maintenance should be like!

A company founded on the basis of a beloved hobby. We started servicing the bikes because we like it and we're great at it!

Service history

Records are maintained to keep us up to date on the condition of your bike since previous check ups. This feature greatly improves the quality and efficiency of our maintenance.

No personal details are stored for this purpose.